What's Included in This Package?

Wash And Decontamination

  • High pressure rinse appiled throughout exterior of the car including wheels.
  • Snowfoam application throught exterior (pH Neutral).
  • Two bucket using microfibre Wash mitts throughout exterior of the car.
  • Iron fallout remover appiled to all paint surfaces including wheel.
  • Clay bar application.
  • Deep wheel clean from outside to inner barrel.
  • Engine bay cleaned using snowfoam and high pressure wash. Brush is then used to thoroughly clean any dirt inside of vents and jams.
  • High pressure wash attended to all door jams along with boot. And then handwashed removing any leftover dirt.
  • Windows cleaned and decontaminated.
  • Complimentary Feynlab Glass Coating appiled to windshield.
  • Complimentary headlight clean (Wet sand and Machine polish).
  • Carpets removed and vaccumed for textile coating.
  • Trim cleaned and protective UV coating appiled to dash and steering wheel.
  • Leather cleaned +/- (Complimentary Leather Coating appiled).
  • Complimentary Feynlab textile coating appiled to floor mats (waterproof)

Paint Correction

  • 1-2 Stages of paint correction attended (Will notify if we require more).
  • Ceramic primer appiled.

Ceramic Coating

  • Panel prep attended to all exterior paint surface.
  • Removal of any compound residue.
  • Application of Feynlab Ceramic Coating.
  • Curing with infrared lamps.
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End Game Collection

Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Microfibre Wash Mitt
By far the one of the most popular wash mitts on the market. This wash mitt is 100% microfibre and won't damage your paint job. We've had great reviews on this product and have sold hundreds just by word of mouth. This product speaks for itself and is sold for a very competitive price. We offer wholesale price for this product. Please send us an email on endogemucollection@gmail.com for more info!