End Game Car Essential Bucket (EGC X GYEON)

Colour: Black (20L)
Sale price$99.95 Regular price$146.97


Our all in one package! This has all the goodies you need to wash your car. We now stock plenty of brands and we're happy to have Gyeon onboard!

Package includes:

  • Heavy Duty 20L Bucket - Valued at $20
  • Gyeon Bathe - Valued at $18.99
  • Gyeon Quick Detailer - Valued at $18.99 
  • Gyeon Iron - Valued at $23.99
  • Grit Guard - Valued at $15
  • Drying Twist towel 60cm x 90cm size with 600GSM - Valuled at $30 
  • Wash mitt (Black & White)  - Valued at $10

Total value of $146.97  

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