Blo Car Dryer

The BLO Car Dryer. The regular maintenance washing of your car is an extremely important part of the relationship to get right. We should keep the car clean often to avoid contaminants from bonding to the finish and degrading it. And when we wash it, we need to do it with care and using the right tools and techniques to avoid damaging the paint.

The BLO Car Dryer is an electric car dryer that uses forced, warm, and filtered air to dry your vehicle safely and effectively. Here are the top three ways the BLO Car Dryer will add to the lifetime good looks of your car.

No Scratches.

The vast majority of marring introduced to your paint happens during the wash process. And a large percentage of that marring happens when drying the car. There is no lubricant between the towel and the paint, and it is very easy for contaminants to get stuck in the towel and scratch the paint. By using a forced air car dryer, we are eliminating the need to physically touch the paint during drying. This takes wash induced marring out of the equation.

No Drips.

We’ve all been there. The car is clean. It is dry. You’ve hit it with your favorite quick detailer to add a pop in gloss. And as soon as you walk away the mirror or the emblem lets out a perfect drip of water down the side of the car. By using the BLO Car Dryer, you will blow out all standing or tapped water from every crevice of the car. This eliminates the water run marks and the potential for any etching.

No Streaks.

After the paint, the windows are the toughest thing to get streak-free and clean on the car. Using a forced-air dryer will blow the standing water from the glass quickly and effectively. This keeps the glass from spotting and keeps you from having to go back and re-clean the windows after the wash to sort out any streaking.

Happy Detailing!